Custom Awnings Signs & Canopies in Toronto

Are you looking for creative ways to make your business stand out in Toronto? Take your business to the next level by creating a more welcoming outdoor space for your customers. Boost your storefront with an impressive awning sign from Toronto Custom Signs today. 

What is an Awning Sign?

Awning or canopy signs are a simple, yet impactful sign that makes your storefront look more sophisticated. These are particularly popular for Toronto businesses that serve customers outside their establishment.

These outdoor signs are fully customizable, with a variety of color and design choices to fit your business needs. They are a wonderful addition to your space, both for functional and decorative use.

Let Toronto Custom Signs increase your visibility with an eye-catching awning sign. We offer custom awning sign printing in Toronto that highlights your brand. Contact us today for standout sign solutions for your business. 

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Types of Awning Signs

The cost of awning signs depends on different elements like materials and design. There is a variety of material to choose from that can bring your design to life:

1. Vinyl
2. Polyester
3. Cotton Canvas
4. Shade Cloth

Storefront awning signs are also available in various styles. It is important to choose one that matches your brand theme while fulfilling its function for your Toronto business:

1. Concave Awning
2. Classic Slopestyle
3. Esquire Dome Awning
4. Rounded Entrance Canopy

You also have the option to pick a stationary or retractable awning sign. Stationary awnings give out a more sophisticated look. However, they are constantly exposed to harsh outdoor elements. This makes your awnings more prone to damage like color fading and rusting.

Retractable awnings, however, use a roller system that can open or draw back your awnings depending on your need. This can extend the life of your signs so you can enjoy its benefits for many years.
Whichever type you choose, your awning storefront signs are sure to attract more attention to your business

Uses of Awning Signs

Awning signage has two main functions:

• Catch the attention of your target customers
• Serve as protection for your establishment as well as your customers

Business awning signs create fantastic advertising space for your business. They can be designed to include your brand name, logo, and other important details. This makes it the perfect branding opportunity for you.

These signs are usually installed above your storefront windows. This means your awning graphics are at an elevated height, at the perfect line of sight for anyone passing by. Even from a distance, your awnings can be noticed by your target customers in Toronto.

These storefront signs also give plenty of protection for your business. They provide a shade so customers outside will be shielded from harsh sunlight or rain. These are great to use by cafes or restaurants that offer outdoor seating.

Custom awning signs also keep harmful UV rays out of your indoor space. This protects the people as well as items within your business. For example, businesses that sell perishable items can use these to prevent any spoilage and damages. 

High-Quality Awning Signs “Near Me”

Make your business stand out with custom awning graphics and signs today! Toronto Custom Signs is a full-service sign company that can help design, produce, and install high-quality signs for your business.

Our team understands that making a positive impression on your customers is crucial for a thriving business. We always take the time to make sure your signs represent your business in the best way. Talk to our sign specialists today and get a FREE consultation on your awning sign needs.