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What is a Channel Letter?

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional illuminated signs that are typically installed at the storefront. Each element is individually cut, formed, and mounted to produce a unified sign. Aluminum sheeting is used for the returns or sides of the letters and characters. The back and face can be aluminum, acrylic, poly carbonate, or bare. Unlike dimensional letters, which are solid, these have hollow interiors through which light passes through. Choose between LED or neon to add more character and visibility to your signage. These offer round-the-clock advertising that effortlessly gains hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions each day. When you opt for LED channel letter signs, you can also expect to save a lot of money on energy expenses and maintenance.

However, the effectiveness of your signage is also dependent on how well it is designed, made, and installed. The good news is that Toronto Custom Signs is among the best suppliers of custom channel letters in the area. Over the years, we have successfully provided visual communication solutions for numerous businesses and groups. We can do the same for your business too! Call us today to learn more. 

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Channel Letter Signs FAQs

A channel letter is a specially made 3-dimensional letter sign made of plastic or sheet metal, most often aluminum. The letter shapes required to form the back of the channel letters are cut from the metal sheet using a computerized router or laser.

These are 3D graphic elements with unique lighting and structures. Any letter, number, or other character made of plastic or metal and installed one at a time is referred to as a channel letter. Compared to conventional signs, they give the sign more personality and increase its visual appeal.

The most straightforward and well-liked channel letter option is this one. These signs are internally illuminated, as their name implies, which illuminates their front face. They’re excellent for promoting your company in Brampton or the GTA.

We typically use stainless steel or aluminum to create letters. The housing is made of these metals, and the face is made of acrylic. This guarantees the durability and security of the interior lighting components. These help the letters stand out and enable distant reading of them.

Channel letters can be mounted in a variety of ways, including raceway mount, direct or flush mount, and backer mount. When choosing your sign, keep these techniques in mind. To find out more about these procedures, contact us right away.

This style combines channel letters with both front-lit and halo-lit illumination. Anyone driving or walking by will notice these bright signs. With these signs, you’ll stand out without a doubt.

Yes, they are. “Internally illuminated letters” is another name for channel letters, and it says it all. Each letter is illuminated from the inside, with light emanating from the back or through the plastic sign face (called halo-lit or reverse channel letter).

Halo-lit signs and reverse-lit channel letter signs are other names for backlit letter signs. They are suitable for use both inside and outside. In order to allow for light transmission, the back is made of a translucent material, such as Lexan, while the face and sides are constructed out of aluminum.

Each letter is installed one at a time, which changes the installation process. The lighting setup you choose for your sign should also be taken into account. To ensure the quality of the sign’s lighting, each type has its own installation procedure. Contact us today to speak with us about the procedure if you have any questions.

Individual flush-mounted channel letters are mounted through holes in the building facade. To make it simple to service the light source from behind, electrical components for channel letter illumination are installed behind the wall after being fished through the holes.