Everything You Need to Know About LED Neon Signs

Custom LED Neon Signs for Havana Business in Toronto, ON

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Creating an impactful business sign can be the difference between standing out and getting lost in the sea of competition in Toronto. When you want a modern sign solution that sets you apart, LED neon signs are a great option.

The Impact of LED Neon Signs

A study conducted by FedEx found that 67% of customers said they based their buying decision on signage that caught their eye. This makes having an attractive sign important to attract more customers to your business.

As humans are naturally attracted to light, a lighted sign is a perfect way to gain more attention. Adding lighting options to your signs ensures that you remain visible throughout the day and during the night.

The same study found that more than two-thirds of consumers said that a business’s signage can reflect the quality of their products and services. Lighted business signs bring vibrance and brilliance to your indoor or outdoor signs, creating a great impression for your brand.

Types of LED Signs

LEDs are a durable and economical way to light up your signs. These create a classic custom neon sign look for a fraction of the cost. These can also be customized to follow the colors and styles that best reflect your business.

Outdoor Neon Signs – these are lighted signs used to get attention for your business. Typically, these are used as storefront signs or in addition to pylon or monument signs.

Indoor Neon Signs – while typically used outdoors, LED signage can also be used to highlight your indoor space. Backlit signage is perfect for stores and food stalls inside malls, as well as lobby signs for offices.

Programmable LED Message Boards – an effective way to convey your message to your target audience. You have the option of doing multiple messages on one sign, programming it to change every so often.

Benefits of LED Signs

Visibility is probably one of the best advantages you can get out of having signed with LED. Unlit signs can do the job of getting you established in your community. However, illuminated signs give you that extra push that drives more customers in. Plus, you get 24hr visibility. This means you get to reach more people with backlit signage.

These are also cost-effective ways to get more business exposure. They are durable and last longer than traditional lights. Custom neon signs are also energy-efficient, letting you save on energy costs while contributing to the environment.

Lastly, lighted signs are a great way to bring more awareness to your brand. When put against a competing brand with an unlit sign, you are sure to get more attention your way. The more people see your business sign, the more they get familiar with your brand.

Helping You Make Your Business Shine in Toronto

When you need impactful signage that creates a significant business perception, LED signs are the way to go. Toronto Custom Signs offers high-quality and durable sign solutions made with the best materials in the market.

Let our team help create an LED design that lets your business stand out. Contact us today for your LED sign needs, and we’ll be glad to give you a free quote.

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