Everything You Need to Know About Storefront Signs

Storefront Signs for Pizzeria in Toronto, ON

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With advances in manufacturing techniques, getting custom signage can be very convenient. However, choosing the right sign can make or break your business’s success. Remember that your storefront reflects highly on your brand and the quality of service and products you provide.

The Effect of Retail Storefront Signs

Signage is a great way to create buzz for your brand and drive more customers in. This isn’t just a theory but an actual fact. Based on research done by FedEx, 8 out of 10 people go into a store they have never visited because of its signs. Furthermore, about 67% of people make their buying decisions based on a store’s sign.

On average, customers think that small businesses should have at least two to three storefront signs. Let’s take a look at the different options available for your Toronto business.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are best for showing your business logo above your store entrance. These can be customized to reflect your brand colors and logo. They come in different options such as:

  1. Front-Lit – light emits from the front of the sign
  2. Back-Lit – light emits from the back, creating a halo effect
  3. Open-Face – exposed light source, making it look like a traditional neon sign.

Storefront Awning Signs

Awnings add an attractive dimension to a flat and bare storefront. This makes your business façade more memorable and appealing to anyone passing by.

These can be designed to complement your existing storefront display. You can choose a color that matches your business theme. Adding your business name and contact details or a tagline lets you build on business recall.

Best of all, it adds protection to your store. Storefront awning signs help shield your store and customers from the hot sun and inclement weather.

Blade Signs

These are classic and elegant signs that are typically mounted on the side of your storefront, perpendicular to the building. It is a great way to attract the attention of incoming foot traffic.

Blade signs can be customized to include your business name and logo. Lighting options are also available to make your sign pop even during the night.

Window Graphics

A great way to complement your storefront space is through window graphics. This can include vibrant window decals to eye-catching posters and window films.

Window graphics are best used for:

  • Announcing ongoing deals and events
  • Promoting new products and services
  • Displaying important business information such as contact details and safety guidelines
  • Adding décor to mark the change of seasons

Full-Service Storefront Sign Company

Storefront displays help customers get a better image of your business. Ensure it is a positive one through the help of a local sign expert. Toronto Custom Signs is a premier sign maker that creates vibrant, unique signs for every business need.

Our dedicated team takes the time to understand your business and your market. This ensures we recommend the right signs that give you rewarding results. Contact us today and let our sign experts help set you up with a fantastic storefront sign!

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