Floor Graphics Near You in Toronto, ON

Looking for a new way to promote your brand in an already crowded store? Floor graphics for Toronto businesses are a popular choice because they don’t take up any space on the wall or shelves but are easy to see by visitors indoors.

What are Floor Decals?

Floor decals are a unique way to display your brand or advertise a new product. They are easy to see because people often look down when walking. Custom floor graphics are designed according to what you want for your shop, so you can make them eye-popping using bright colours so they are sure to be seen.

Custom floor decals are made from heavy vinyl material which holds up well to foot traffic. You can have them installed and then uninstalled when your promotion is over.

What type of signage are you looking for?*

Importance of Floor Graphics for Your Business

Toronto Custom Signs designs manufacture, and installs, custom vinyl floor graphics in the Toronto area. We can work with your image or design or start from scratch and show you some samples of floor graphics to help you decide on a design.

Best Vinyl Floor Decals Company in Toronto, ON

Our professional sign designers will let you know upfront what the lead time and cost for your custom graphics are. Pricing is based on the size, complexity, and labour hours needed to create your one-of-a-kind printed vinyl floor graphics for your business.

Outdoor Option

When you contact Toronto Custom Signs, you can have the confidence that we are well-versed in the process of creating and installing your custom-made floor graphics. We are up to date on any applicable laws regarding commercial signage in Toronto and will let you know if a license or permit is required.

Floor graphics work well for any commercial office or shop with flooring that they can adhere to. When you contact us, we will discuss the best floor graphics options for your type of floor.

How Can My Business Use Floor Signs?

Floor graphics are made from vinyl with an adhesive to adhere them to your floor. They work the best where customers have to wait or stand in line. That makes them ideal for:

It’s a good practice to design floor graphics in a color that contrasts with the color of your flooring to help them stand out well. You should also consider that some of your customers may have poor vision, so any message should use a bold font.

Are Floor Graphics Effective?

Floor graphics work best when they are temporary, highlighting, or promoting a new product or service. You will get the best response when visitors see them for the first few times, so using them for a sale or promotion makes sense. 3D effect floor graphics work well to get people to notice them, so they make good aisle or entryway signage.

To learn more about floor graphics near Toronto, contact Toronto Custom Signs for information or a quote.