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When adding vinyl graphics to business spaces, the first place we often think to apply them to is our walls and windows. They are excellent choices for giving your Toronto business a boost. However, did you know that you have another unused, valuable space to use vinyl graphics on? Try looking down and image the potential of your floor spaces!

Floor graphics are a unique yet impactful way to catch the attention of your customers. Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we help businesses with creative sign options that can set them apart from the rest. Learn more about getting high-quality floor graphics vinyl by giving us a call today. 

What are Floor Graphics?

They have printed vinyl adhesives that can be applied to your floor spaces. Floor graphics are made using a thin but durable vinyl material. They are non-slip, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. They are safe to walk on and are designed to withstand high-foot traffic areas.

Vinyl floor graphics are an innovative way to get your message across. Since people tend to look down when walking, these signs can easily get noticed. It is an effective tool whether used inside or outside of your space.

Does your business in Toronto have wide, empty floor areas? Consider creating a bold visual feature for your customers through printed vinyl floor graphics. 

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Types of Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are printed digitally, which makes design options virtually limitless. Vinyl graphics can also be cut and shaped into different designs. As such, you can create a wide range of custom designs that can boost your business’ space.

Here are some examples of floor graphics that you can use: 

If you don’t see the sign you need, don’t fret! Toronto Custom Signs can create any type of design that meets your business needs. Whether you need graphics for your indoor or outdoor space, our team can deliver. 

Benefits of Floor Graphics Printing

The Best Floor Graphics “Near Me”

Catch the attention of your customers with vibrant, eye-catching floor signs and graphics today. For high-quality sign solutions, you can trust Toronto Custom Signs to deliver your needs.

Our team is dedicated to providing impressive sign options that make your business stand out. We create indoor and outdoor floor graphics that not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

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