How AODA Signs Can Help People with Disabilities?

Custom AODA Signs for Disables

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Signs are visual elements from where people can get information from. Outdoors, signs let people know who a business is, what they offer, and more. Indoors, signs promote your products and help people find their way around your space.

These visual cues can make it challenging for some customers to get the information they need. It is especially hard for people with disabilities, especially those with visual impairments. For this reason, businesses are required to have AODA signs.

Following AODA Sign Guidelines

Custom AODA signs make your business space more accessible. By following specific guidelines on the design, these signs become more understandable for people with disabilities. This makes navigating your space in Toronto easier and more comfortable.

When you want to comply with AODA sign requirements in 2021, here are a few guidelines:

  • Have a non-glare finish
  • Have letters, pictograms, and other details in high contrast with the background
  • Be positioned no lower than 40 inches from the ground, and no higher than 120 inches
  • Use simple fonts like sans serif and Helvetica
  • Use grade 2 braille

An experienced AODA sign store can guide you through ensuring your signs adhere to AODA requirements.

Benefits of Custom AODA Signs

Complying with AODA signs guidelines is more than just following the law. They benefit your business as well as help people with disabilities.

1. They make customers feel more comfortable.

You want customers to have a positive overall experience with your business. This includes feeling comfortable while inside your space. People with disabilities know that when they go inside your store or office, they can rely on your signs for the right information.

2. They open your business up to more customers in Toronto.

Did you know that there are over 600 thousand people with mild to severe vision loss in Ontario alone? This is according to the Canadian Survey on Disabilities 2017.

The right custom AODA signs invite more customers to your business. Putting value in making your space accessible invites more potential customers to visit your facility.

3. They protect customers from potential accidents.

Keeping all your customers well-informed about your business space lessens any unwanted risks. This is especially helpful for people with disabilities. Having access to the right information can prevent them from doing something harmful.

There are facilities, for example, that have rooms with hazardous materials or dangerous equipment. Having AODA-compliant warning signs outside those spaces prevents any unauthorized person from entering.

This also protects your business from any liabilities of not putting correct information for all your customers.

Looking for an AODA Sign Store in Toronto?

Put customers first and create a memorable experience each time they visit! Let Toronto Custom Signs help you fulfill your AODA signs requirement for 2021 today.

We offer a wide range of AODA-compliant signs for your business needs. Our team is also well-versed in AODA regulations. We will guide you through which signs in and around your space should follow AODA standards.

Contact us today for a free consultation with our AODA sign experts.

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