How Floor Decals Can Transform Your Business

Custom Waiting Vinyl Floor Graphics in Toronto, ON

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Advertising strategies continue to change day by day. The dynamic nature of businesses makes advertising essential for success. While traditional tools are effective, they have limitations in terms of engaging the customers of today.

Adapting is necessary to keep up with the trends. Here’s a specific example: people are constantly looking down at their phones even while they are walking. Does that present an opportunity to reach customers while they look down? Yes, it is possible with floor signs.

Transforming Your Business with Effective Floor Graphics

Your floors can be a valuable marketing space. The wide, open area can be utilized in many different ways by applying printed vinyl adhesives on your floors. These can add value to your business, such as marketing, wayfinding, and the like.

Let’s look at the different ways floor decals can help transform your Toronto business.

They Help Keep Customers Engaged

With the number of people always on their phone, looking down, it can become a challenge for some marketers to catch their attention. Printed floor adhesives reach customers where they are without the nagging feeling of an in-your-face marketing ad.

Floor graphics are a great messaging tool that can engage your customers. They can be used to:

  • Announce deals and promotions.
  • Launch new products.
  • Display business information such as contact details and online platforms.

They Help Maintain Excellent Floor Traffic

A great way floor signs help your business is through keeping an organized flow of traffic. These can help point customers the right way, especially in a busy establishment.

This is also useful during events with a lot of foot traffic, like concerts and tradeshows.

They are Great Wayfinding Tools

Floor decals are also very effective wayfinding tools. These can help point customers to key areas in your facility. For example, if your restrooms are located upstairs, signs on the staircase can point people in the right direction.

Retail locations also find floor signage useful for pointing customers in the direction of their latest deals and promotions.

They are Great Brand Boosters

Floor business signs are also ideal to use when you want to build more awareness for your brand. The constant exposure to these signs helps your brand become more familiar. This is helpful so customers can recall your business even after they’ve left.

They Keep Your Business Safe

An important way these signs help transform your business today is by keeping your space safe. Social distancing floor graphics have been one of the most popular uses of these signs.

Minimum health protocols require people to stand two metres apart from each other. These signs are effective at putting markers that are two metres apart from each other to let people know where they can stand to be safe.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Toronto

Engage your customers today with eye-catching floor signs and graphics! Toronto Custom Signs is your top choice when it comes to effective sign solutions. Whether you need social distancing floor signs or floor graphics to advertise your products, we can help! Our commitment is delivering excellent products along with top-notch customer service.

Contact us today, and we’ll give you a free quote on your floor decal needs!

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