Indoor Signs – Your Key to Long Term Success

Custom Interior Signage

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Great indoor signs are like great waiters – they make your experience special but don’t get in the way of your meal. This is why it’s a shame that more businesses don’t pay attention to indoor office signs.

In this article, we’ll look at how indoor signs help extract the full potential of your business. Note that we’re looking at interior signage from the point of view of office spaces, not a retail environment. So, if you’re looking for tips on advertising interior signage, you should read this.

Create a Branded Workspace.

When you lease office space in Toronto or in the GTA, you’re going to be greeted with “boring beige” or “washed out white” walls. Use signs such as wall graphics to brand your office or else you risk looking boring and dull.

Since offices are typically service providers, not manufacturing spaces, office branding is one of the few chances you’ll get to promote your brand to clients.

Raise Employee Morale.

You’ve probably read “paste inspirational quotes on your walls to raise employee morale” in a lot of articles by now. And we can’t disagree with that. However, you don’t have to choose cliched catchphrases all the time. Why not consider putting up something witty a client said or positive reviews from customers.

Another option is using digital displays in your office. They’re a great way to showcase messages and updates. You can put a live counter of the company’s performance, the day’s calendar, or highlight star employees.

Make Your Space Accessible.

It’s estimated that one-fifth of Canadians live with at least one disability. That’s a staggeringly large number, and it means your employees and customers may require a little extra help navigating your establishment safely.

That’s why AODA signs are so essential. They’ll make your space more accessible for people with visual, auditory, cognitive, and physical disabilities.

Installing AODA signs can save you from an expensive fine and a bad reputation.

Show Company History, Accreditations, and Awards.

Trophies are rare in this day and age. Instead, businesses are more likely to receive ‘ratings’ from the Better Business Bureau or ‘certified’ logos from partners, as well as industry rankings for good performance.

Use lobby signs to promote these aspects of your business. They can be important confidence-builders for employees and customers. You can even recreate your business’s history and major accomplishments on vinyl graphics.

Inspire Creativity with Artwork.

Creative wall signs don’t just enhance your decor, they can also inspire creative thinking in employees. With art pieces starting in the hundreds of dollars and ranging into the millions, corporate artwork is prohibitively expensive for most businesses.

But that doesn’t mean you have to accept bland walls. Find or commission creative graphics for your office and decorate your space with inexpensive wall graphics.

Find the Right Interior Signage with Toronto Custom Signs.

Book a free consultation to discuss indoor signs for your Toronto business. We’ll evaluate your space, tell you about your sign options, customize them for your branding, and transform your workspace. Whether you need a single lobby sign or a complete sign package, we’re the team for you.

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