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Custom Floor Signs for Airport

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Floor graphics aren’t just for airports or museums. Office spaces and retail stores use this kind of signage to make their workplace more interesting and engaging.

The office environment can sometimes feel mundane or uninspiring, so it’s up to owners and managers to ensure that their employees are inspired day in and day out. It’s also up to them to make sure that they’re leaving a good impression on clients. That’s where signage comes in.

Read on to learn more about floor graphics or book a consultation to get started.

Make It Unique

Businesses can create a dynamic and engaging workspace that inspires creativity and imagination using vibrant colors, unique designs, and creative patterns with their graphics. For example, a marketing or tech company can use 3D floor graphics to reflect their innovative campaigns or technology with sleek designs, and bold typography.

Provide Direction

Companies can use vinyl floor graphics to get creative with their wayfinding and directional signage. They can be shaped and cut into wayfinding arrows to indicate where people should go for lines, meeting rooms, restrooms, or exits. It’s a great way to encourage organization and make your employees and clients feel safe.

This tactic also allows businesses to save space. By using the floor instead of implementing any kind of stand-up signage, businesses are taking advantage of free space and leaving more room for their employees or clients to walk around.

Highlight Information

I bet you’re wondering how this is at all possible. Well, a helpful example is businesses using floor graphics for social distancing! It’s a great way to allow people to understand the information you’re providing people with, and they can create a safe environment for everyone in your space. You can also use these graphics to display company history or a timeline!

Reinforces Brand Image

Through floor graphics, businesses can reinforce their brand image and bring their branding elements to life. They can incorporate their logos or slogans into the design and install them in strategic locations like entrances. It can then create a cohesive and memorable environment for employees and visitors.

For example, a marketing company might use floor graphics with their company logo and tagline throughout the office space to remind employees of their brand identity and values.

Now that you’ve read all about the uses and benefits of floor graphics, it’s time for you to get started on your own signage!

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Floor signs and graphics from Toronto Custom Signs is a top-rated sign company that takes the time to make powerful signage for offices and workplaces to make them more professional, and interesting, and elevate the overall brand. Through this uniqueness and versatility, businesses can create a better environment for their employees and clients.

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