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Every business needs effective sign solutions to reach its target customers. It is how you establish your brand and let customers know about your products and services.

When it comes to effective sign solutions, nothing compares to the visibility you get from lighted signs. If you need a powerful yet cost-effective option, custom lightbox signs are your top choice.

Toronto Custom Signs offers high-quality lightbox signs that outshine your competition in Toronto. We have a variety of illumination and design options that can satisfy your branding needs. Contact us today to learn more about amplifying your business with lightboxes.

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What are Light Box Signs?

Types of Lightbox Signs

Uses of Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs are a valuable addition to any business space. It can be used in a variety of applications, with makes the cost of lightbox signs worth it.

Outdoor Business Signs : Businesses in Toronto love using these as a storefront or building sign. It is a simple yet impactful way to display your business name.

LED lightbox displays project from your storefront, giving you plenty of visibility. Since they are illuminated, it is easy to spot them while driving or walking by.

These can also be conveniently added to other outdoor signs like pylon signs, panel signs, and more.

Indoor Retail Signs : When you want a lighted display inside your store, commercial lightbox signs are a great choice. They are effective in highlighting products and services that can catch the interest of your customers.

Restaurants and cafes also use these for lighted menu boards and indoor promotional signs.

Wayfinding Signs : Lightbox signs are perfect for wayfinding. Used outdoors, these can help people easily find your location even at night.

Used indoors, they make it easy for people to find their way around. These signs make it easy to find key areas in large indoor spaces like malls, airports, and the like.

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Engage your target customers today with eye-catching and impressive lightbox signs. Toronto Custom Signs is the top choice of many Toronto business owners. We offer a variety of high-quality sign solutions that can address your business needs.

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Lightbox Signs FAQs

A box sign is an economical way to get both a 3D and a lighted sign by incorporating lights with a box. The sign graphics are laid on either one or both sign surfaces of a box with a light inside. The company logo or message can be digitally printed, screen printed, or applied with an adhesive decal that is brightly lit by the box sign’s interior light.

A lighted sign is called an illuminated sign. These may incorporate one of several lighting technologies, including neon signs, lightbox signs, backlit signs, or front-lit channel signs. Some lighted signs are externally lit by ground accent lights or mounted spotlights.

A lightbox provides a direct method of lighting a sign with a brand logo or message that is easily visible, day or night. The purpose of a lightbox is to provide an easy way to have a lighted sign with a minimum of electrical alterations to the property or the need for additional lighting fixture installations.

A lightbox sign can range in price depending on the size, location, and type of lighted box sign. Other cost factors that can increase the price of a lighted box sign include custom-shaped signs, the materials used (with Lexan and acrylic being most common), whether the sign is one-sided or two-sided, and the type of illumination option chosen.

The best sign-grade plastics are used for lighted signs. These include polycarbonate sheets (also called Lexan) and acrylic sheets (also called Plexiglas). Both acrylic and polycarbonate plastic sheets are transparent materials that are rigid, lightweight, and shatter-resistant. Acrylic is shinier and less expensive, but polycarbonate is highly resistant to impact, high temperatures, and chemicals such as gasoline.

There’s no cheating in signage but lightbox signs are a more economical way to own a lighted sign. Like how x-rays are observed on a lightbox or the way an artist can retrace works of art with a lighted box, a lightbox sign is a way of accomplishing two things at once – advertising that is illuminated.

Your lightbox sign should first be chosen based on how big you want your logo or message to be. Next, choose the type of lighting technology you prefer along with its brightness and light colour. Finally, you will consider how and where you will mount the lightbox sign since a two-sided sign should not be wall-mounted. Price is also a way of choosing the best lightbox sign because the cheaper, DIY lightboxes are not as durable and may not be appropriate for outdoor extremes.

A backbit vinyl sign or vinyl banner uses a translucent plastic to print your logo or message, then shines a light from the backside of the banner to illuminate the sign with a brilliant display of colours. Backlit vinyl signs are great for nighttime displays or anytime you want your signage to shine.

A calligraphy lightbox was designed to help calligraphers duplicate their handwritten works of art, but today it is also used to light up signs that are written in calligraphy. Calligraphy lightbox signs are elegant and can give a vintage look to any business.