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What is a Monument Sign?

Establishing permanence and trustworthiness doesn’t happen overnight. Besides consistently providing impressive products and services, investing in long-term assets such as commercial monument signs will help you meet your business goals.

These outdoor visual communication structures are installed directly on the ground at eye level to get the attention of people driving or walking by your property. Because of their size and build, custom monument signs exhibit your brand’s intention to stay for a long time and become a household name among locals.

For high-quality, hardwearing monument signs for your Toronto business.

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Uses of Monument Signs: What Can These Do for Your Toronto Business?

Types of Monument Signs in Toronto

The Cost of Monument Signs in Toronto

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Monument Signs FAQs

A monument sign has a low profile and may sit on or near the ground, and you can use them to draw potential customers’ attention to your business. Monument signs may display the address and name of your business and reinforce your branding. Additionally, these signs are constructed of wood, masonry, and other durable materials for long-lasting use and beauty.

Single-building monument signs guide customers to an established business in a standalone building. The design conveys a feeling of permanence and reliability that may convert potential customers into customers.

Monument signs can serve as landmarks, giving drivers time to change lanes and drive up to the business. An engaging monument sign can inspire more traffic and sales.

Monument signs for businesses are very effective for their recognition. Monument signs are freestanding, and they can be placed outside of your business building or at the entrance for quick recognition, branding, and marketing purposes.

Monument signs will serve as an effective marketing tool for your company, helping to increase sales and brand awareness. If you have a unique monument sign at the entrance or outside your building, it will attract visitors. Further, when they see it, they will remember it and will most likely return to your location for service.

Monument signs and pylon signs both attempt to draw attention to your business. They vary in terms of scale, with monument signs standing about 5 feet high. Pylon signs are often built on poles and stand 10, 20, or 100 feet high to attract travelers on highways and roadways.

Architectural signage rests on a solid-appearing foundation with no visible structural supports. These signs are usually meticulously planned and professionally made, with high-quality materials and classic or cutting-edge technologies. Architectural signs are built to last and enhance your branding.

Monument signs cost about $250 to $300 per sq foot. However, the cost differs from material to material. Higher-end signs can average up to $450 per square foot or more.

Yes, monument signs help with brand visibility. Pedestrians and drivers read attractive monument signs and, hopefully, visit your business. Monument signs will reflect your company to other local companies, resulting in increased profitability.

Monument signs have a variety of applications, including increased branding, increased business sales, and increased brand recognition. You can also use them to give directions or point out specialty products and services.

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