Office Door Signs

What is a Door Sign?

Office signs are essential for maintaining orderliness, boosting employee morale, and impressing your clients. Office door signs are crucial assets for ease of navigation and efficient workflow. With these signs, people know where to go and where to look for specific items or persons. 

Other uses of door signs include:

For whatever purpose it may serve you, Toronto Custom Signs is ready to provide exceptional quality custom door signs that are worth every penny. Dial  today to learn more.

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Types of Door Signs

Cost of Door Signs in Toronto

The overall price for office door signs in Toronto varies on a few factors, such as the size and materials. If you want to maximize your marketing budget, work with Toronto Custom Signs because we offer reasonable packages for exterior and interior door signs. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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Toronto Custom Signs is a leading shop that designs, fabricates, and installs business door signs. We take pride in having a talented and hardworking team that goes above and beyond in producing solutions that add value to your business. During the design phase, we make sure to incorporate your branding elements as well as other essential visual communication details. Our manufacturing process involves premium grade materials and high-tech equipment to maintain the consistency and quality of our products. Depending on the type of door sign you get, our Toronto team can provide installation services as well.

Do you want to prolong the life span of your signs? Toronto Custom Signs provides top-notch repair and maintenance as well. Since we are a full-service company in Toronto, you can expect expert project maintenance and permitting on our end, no matter how simple or intricate the signage is.

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Door Signs FAQs

The name is relatively self-explanatory, as it encompasses any kind of sign that goes on any kind of door. For your business, door signs are very functional. They can display information like business name, logo, contact information, and operating hours. For interior office door signs, they identify the room’s purpose or intended user. Before entering a room, they can also give specific instructions.

For your business’s needs, Toronto Custom Signs provides a variety of custom door signs. To make sure that your signs are strong and long-lasting, we only use the highest quality materials when creating them. We create your signs to match your brand using acrylic door signs, aluminum signs, or vinyl graphics.

The appropriate size door sign is determined by your specific requirements. As a result, we don’t place too many restrictions on the size options for indoor door signs. Sizes may range from 8” x 12” to 18” x 24”. To get an idea of what size is ideal for your business, contact us today and speak with our team of experts.

The primary function of door signs is to promote brand recognition. It is critical to creating a distinct identity for your hotel that distinguishes it from all other hotels in the area. This is also a kind of signage that helps inform your visitors and guests of hotel policies or guidelines and helps mark the proper destination.

This is a type of door sign that is often used as a room identifier. They are also usually made with metals or acrylic. Contact our team today and discuss which of these materials suit best your signage.

These unique signs are applied to glass doors and feature your logo, company name, and important business information such as store hours and phone numbers.

These are door signs that are simple to install and are ideal for dual-sided details like indicating “the doctor is in/out.” Contact us today to learn more about this sign.

These are often seen in rooms that are being used by several people. The most common example of these signs is “The Doctor is In/Out”. They are also commonly used for the names of professionals who are on duty that day.

Toronto Custom Signs is a reputable company that creates, manufactures, and installs business door signs. We take pride in having a gifted and motivated team that goes above and beyond to create solutions that enhance the value of your business. High-tech machinery and premium-grade materials are used in our manufacturing process to maintain the consistency and quality of our products. Our Toronto team can also offer installation services depending on the style of door sign you order.