Outdoor Signs Help to Grow Your Business

Custom Outdoor Signs for Business

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Signs can help get your business noticed while also driving sales. A survey conducted by North American shopping habits found that eight out of ten consumers said that they would visit a store based on the strength of its signs, while 68% said that they would even make a purchase based on its signs.

Get your outdoor signage strategy right, and you too can use them to improve your business.

Customize Exterior Signs to Make a Local Impact.

It’s estimated that 85% of your customers are located within 10 kilometers of your Toronto business. That makes impactful, targeted local marketing vitally important for your business.

You need to understand your audience’s preferences and find the right outdoor business signs. Choose options such as banners, hanging signs, and yard signage to connect with potential shoppers to make a memorable impression.

Encourage Shoppers to Make Purchases with Outdoor Signs.

Being able to attract new customers while also building a rapport of returning customers is essential for your business. Combine attractive promotions such as seasonal sales, ‘clearances,’ and product launches, with eye-catching signs to drive traffic to your establishment.

Signs are an extension of your brand, so you need to choose wisely. Storefront signs like dimensional letters and digital displays are powerful visual cues, making your establishment seem contemporary. On the other hand, signs such as window graphics create a friendlier impression and are ideal for displaying ongoing promotions.

Maximize Sales During the Seasonal Rush.

The pandemic may have deterred people from visiting their favorite stores the last couple of years, but people are ready to shop with a vengeance now. A Retail Council of Canada survey found that Canadians are looking to spend nearly $100 more in 2021 (and onwards) compared to 2020.

Use everything from A-frame outdoor business signs to billboards to tap into the seasonal shopping frenzy. Don’t just bank on the Christmas rush either; there’s always the ‘back to school’ rush, spring sales, and other shopping events.

Building Top of Mind Recall to Connect with Customers.

“Here today, gone tomorrow” – that saying has never been truer than it is today, as businesses have struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic. And when big-time YouTubers can be forgotten at the drop of a hat, how can you stay memorable in the minds of shoppers?

Exterior signs are a great way to highlight your business and promote your digital channels. Many of our customers now include links to their online stores, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn handles.

Identify the Right Signs, Create the Right Designs.

If you think just any sign will help you grow your business, you’re in for a shock. You need to find the right signs and combine them with the right graphics to generate sales and increase brand awareness.

At Toronto Custom Signs, we help businesses like yours do just that. You’ll work with an experienced team that creates designs that pop and incorporates branding elements to help you generate leads. Choose from a wide range of signage, including:

  • Billboards and banners.
  • Channel letters.
  • Storefront signs.
  • Flag signs.
  • Pop-up shops.
  • And many more.

Book a free consultation today to talk about outdoor signs for your business with a signage expert in Toronto.

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