Six Ways to Use Acrylic Signs in Your Toronto Business

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Acrylic signs are attractive, affordable, durable, and portable. These signs can help give your business the visible “pop” it needs to draw potential customers’ eyes to your doorway instead of your competitor’s. We’ll show you how to make the best use of this type of sign for your Ontario business.

Ways to Use Acrylic Signs Effectively in Your Toronto Business

Versatility is one of the many benefits of acrylic signs:

1. To create an enticing window display

Acrylic signs make attractive and enticing window displays. Unlike permanent signage, you can change your acrylic signs for each season or to highlight annual sales. Frosted acrylic signs can also offer you and your customers a degree of privacy while still allowing light to enter your space.

2. To welcome customers to your business

A friendly welcome sign with your business logo helps solidify your branding and sets the tone for a friendly encounter with your customers.

3. To advertise your business

Clear glass acrylic signage is a great alternative to traditional billboard or print advertising. You can place them in your building lobby, in your office lobby, or in the office of a company that sells complementary products.

4. To announce new products or current specials

Acrylic signs are also a good way to educate your customers on what’s new in your store without the expense and hassle of a more permanent sign or the possibility of missing customers when you rely on your salespeople to inform customers.

5. To guide customers to specific departments or products

Acrylic wall signs can be used as directional signage and to guide your customers to popular products or to commonly-used departments.

6. To solidify your branding in off-site events

Signage is important at off-site events, such as convention product fairs, product marts, and vendor sales events. You are often limited in space and compete with scores of other vendors for attention. Acrylic signs are nice and portable, have professional air, and can be designed to support your company branding.

Acrylic signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Made from durable plastic sheeting with a high-gloss finish, this type of sign can be imprinted with virtually any design or color. These signs are portable and sturdy enough to be used inside or outside. They can be displayed on an easel, hung on the wall like a painting, or suspended from the ceiling with wires.

To learn more about how acrylic signs can improve your visibility, solidify your branding, and drive customers to your store, visit Toronto Custom Signs online.

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