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Toronto Custom Signs is your local Scarborough provider of customized wall graphics that will surely appease your customers and make your brand look professional.

One of the best choices for business and marketing purposes, custom vinyl graphics can transform a boring hallway or a blank wall into an interactive display that can display your company history, motivational quotes, recent achievements, popular products and services, directional information and so much more!

Whatever your purpose, the signage experts at Toronto Custom Signs can design, produce, and install all types of wall graphics and murals that will not only elevate your brand presence but will also provide a professional appearance to your business. If you are already clear about the design or the appearance that you’re looking for, we will help you take it further. In the event you’re not sure, our wall graphics experts will assist you in making the right decision.

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Vinyl wall graphics in Scarborough, ON are used to decorate, promote products or services, and inform customers about vital information. Custom wall graphics come in the following varieties to meet such specific requirements.


Wall cutouts are the most basic sort of wall graphic. These are simple and are frequently used by businesses to border their walls or glass doors. These wall designs can be carved out in various forms to align with your brand. While a simple addition, often the smallest details make the most notable change.


Murals have a more artistic feel to them. Murals are wall graphics that span a whole wall, using color, graphics, and text to be impactful. While they were traditionally used for decoration exclusively, it is now common for murals to be used by businesses to market themselves. Murals are also commonly used for educational reasons, such as in schools and museums, to deliver a message or teach a lesson.


Vinyl stickers are cutouts that come in a variety of forms and sizes. These stickers, however, should be used in a smaller size because a large size may cause them to strain and rip. These stickers are used for both personal and commercial purposes.


Traditional decals are vinyl wall stickers made of PVC plastic. These images are created in a single color using a laser or vinyl cutter. These decals are frequently produced on vinyl and then contour cut.


Block-cut vinyl is available in assorted colors and finishes, including sparkly, metallic, and mirror effects. These are frequently used to cut individual letters and shapes out of a bigger decal. They are an excellent option for lobby signs, as they are memorable.


Cloth wall graphics are non-PVC decals that are manufactured from woven cloth. It comes with a 3M adhesive to help you fix the image to the wall. This fabric treatment aids in the creation of detailed patterns. Fabric wall graphics are also entirely reusable and do not rip or peel.

Your Local Vinyl Wall Graphics Company

Not sure what will suit the unique style of your brand? Don’t worry, we have you covered. As your local Scarborough sign company, we provide end-to-end solutions to ensure a higher level of customer delight. Our expert sign makers will visit your facility to assess your business, understand your marketing needs, and analyze the available space. Next, we will craft a personalized solution that will fulfill your marketing goals without exceeding your budget. From conceptualization to installation, we will take care of everything and keep you involved to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Premium Wall Graphics In Scarborough

The sign specialists at Toronto Custom Signs are committed to providing your business with spectacular signs and graphics. We strive to build a long-term signage partnership with our clients to cater to all their custom signs and graphics needs. With a vast portfolio of signs and graphics, we can guarantee that your business will always look professional and welcoming to your existing and would-be customers.

For best in class wall graphics in Scarborough and nearby areas, call our sign experts today!