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Dimensional signs are a great way to attract attention to your business. They’re commonly used for the exteriors of buildings, but they can also be a great choice inside retail spaces for labeling large areas. Backlit dimensional letters stand out in almost every type of environment and are impressive and very visible, even from a great distance. If you have your eye on three-dimensional office signs, look at this quick guide for integrating dimensional signs into your environmental workspace.

Different Types of Dimensional Signs

Before you choose to order any signs, you need to take a look at the available materials — they’ll influence the type of dimensional letters in Toronto you should choose. You’ll need to consider if the signs will be inside or outside and the overall type of surface that they’ll be mounted on. Therefore, you have to consider a few things before you even start the design process.

Plastic is one of the most popular materials for dimensional letters, but it’s usually referred to as acrylic letters. It can easily be molded into precise shapes, which is why it’s popular for logos and letters. In addition, plastic letters and logo signs are slightly less expensive than metal or wood.

Wood and metal are two additional choices for dimensional letters in Toronto. Metal is known for its clean and professional look, and you can choose multiple types of metals to match your space’s overall environmental design theme. Wood, however, is often customized since it can be laser cut into precision shapes and dimensional letters with reasonable simplicity. Wood is a great classic look for lettering and can also be mounted or placed against another sign material.

The flexibility of Dimensional Letters

One of the major benefits of purchasing three-dimensional office signs is that there’s a lot of flexibility regarding the overall office signs. Not only can the font be customized to match your logo or brand font, but the colors and finish can also be customized. If you are attempting to tie together your brand theme with your custom signs, dimensional letters offer a clean and fresh result.

Multiple Mounting Options

Another benefit is that they offer flexible mounting options. Letters can be mounted separately or placed onto a backboard, making them more mobile, which is great for leased office spaces. Generally, if they’re mounted separately, the dimensional letters are placed on studs which are then drilled into the wall to affix them or placed on plastic pads that can be glued into place with a removable silicone adhesive. If you work with a professional sign company, they’ll often take care of the entire installation, so you don’t have to worry about this process.

Dimensional signs bring a modern aesthetic to any office space. To learn more about them, contact Toronto Custom Signs today.

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