Why You Should Choose Channel Letter Signs

Café Channel Letter Signs by Toronto Custom Signs

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To boost your business’s visibility, channel letter signs are a strong choice. Their letters are three-dimensional graphic pieces combined with lighting to achieve a striking look. Among sign options, they are known for their visibility, versatility, easy upkeep, and affordability.

Storefront Channel Letters’ Visibility

These signs literally stand out: They’re raised off the surfaces they’re attached to. And they can make your business memorable for tourists and locals alike. Because they separate themselves from surrounding visual competition, businesses sporting them often become landmarks for people navigating the neighborhood.

The Versatility of Channel Letters

With a huge variety of fonts, sizes, and colors, you can find a sign that fits, no matter what your business’s brand identity is. That’s true whether you need signs to differentiate a new brand or signs that will fit with a long-established identity. A professional sign company can guide you toward the right fit.

Channel Letters’ Lighting Options

The availability of different lighting styles adds even more flexibility. Each has its own strengths, meaning a huge range of businesses can find a suitable option.

Front-lit signs project light evenly through the letters. This results in great readability, so even in a busy city like Toronto, front-lit channel letters can catch customers’ eyes.

Halo-lit setups project light from the back of the sign onto the wall supporting the letters. The light bounces back to create a dazzling yet classy look.

Open-face channel letters don’t cover the bulbs within. If you desire a vintage appearance, these letters are a strong option to consider.

Front- and back-lit variants use lighting from both sides to assertively outline your sign’s message. These may be the way to go if you don’t have much time to make an impact — for instance, if you’re trying to attract passing motorists.

Cost-Efficient LED Channel Letters

Compared to other types of advertising, these signs are quite affordable. One reason is their energy efficiency: If you choose LED bulbs, you can expect lower energy costs, as LED bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs.

They are also one of the few ways businesses can achieve around-the-clock advertising. Channel letters announce your business’ presence to everyone who passes by, day and night. It’s hard to think of another form of advertising that can do that — especially at a similar price point.

Ease of Maintenance With Channel Letters

LED bulbs are known for their longevity, so LED signs look great for longer and need less frequent maintenance. And when you partner with a company like Toronto Custom Signs, their maintenance visits will remove one task from your to-do list. You can rest easy knowing that professionals who have experience maintaining channel letters are on the job.

It’s easy to explore what high-end custom signs can do for your Toronto business. Just get in touch with Toronto Custom Signs.

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