Wood Signs in Toronto

Wooden signs are a unique way to make an impact on your customers. These are your customers’ first points of contact with your Toronto business. As such, it is important to choose a set of signs that creates a lasting impression.

With all the sign options available within the market, it can be daunting to choose the right one. However, if you are going for a classic and timeless look, wooden signs are a great choice. 

Wooden Signs “Near Me”

Wood signs are any type of sign made out of a variety of wood options. These provide a rustic or classic look, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Custom wood signs are durable, versatile, and can be designed to match your needs.

Businesses in Toronto have been using wood signs for ages. It is only today that we can see how versatile wood is as a material for signage. With the use of laser engraving and CNC machines, we can make any type of wood sign design you need.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we make high-quality wood signs for your business needs. Our team is committed to creating eye-catching designs that will turn heads your way. Need more information on the types of materials, color options, and the cost of wood signs? Contact us today! 

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Types of Custom Wood Signs

Custom wooden signage is available in a variety of options. Cedar, redwood, or any solid wood are those that are often used for hand-carved signs or router-cut signs. Oak, sapele, iroko, and other types of wood can also be made into personalized wood signs.

However, MDO or medium density overlay is the most commonly used material for wood signs. This is exterior-grade plywood with a fiber surface overlay. This protects the wood from different elements to make it last longer.

When you want a more rustic and organic look, reclaimed wood is also an option. This is often used by Toronto boutiques, western-themed brands, cafes, and the like. 

Uses of Wood Signs

Wood Sign Manufacturing Company in Toronto, ON

Make your business stand out and create a lasting impression on your customers today. Toronto Custom Signs offers a variety of commercial wooden signs for your business needs.

Our team only chooses the best materials and uses advanced technology to make your signs. This is to ensure your wood signs stay attractive and will last you years.

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Wood Sign FAQs

A wood sign is a classic way to make a positive first impression with your customers. Made from a variety of natural wood types or composites, wood signs are timeless and enduring, giving customers the impression that your business shares some of the same characteristics.

Wood signs can be made from a variety of wood types for indoor or outdoor applications and are either painted, etched, carved, or engraved with text and graphic designs. The wood can be treated with a stain or polish to protect the wood and give it a vintage look.

Computer numerical control and laser engraving machines are some of the most common ways to print wood signs. CNC machines use computer programs to accurately carve and shape the sign’s face, and laser engraving machines can recreate a logo, text, or image background onto a wood sign. 

Latex, water-based, oil-based, acrylic, and chalk paints are some of the most common types of paints for wood signs. The type of wood, desired finish, and intended application (indoor or outdoor) are factors to consider when selecting the appropriate paint type.

As long as you have a laser or inkjet printer, there are several easy and inexpensive ways to transfer a printed color picture to a smooth wooden surface. You can use Mod Podge, nail polish, wax paper, or another transferring agent from your local DIY or craft supply store. 

Depending on the wood type, application (indoor or outdoor), and type of finish used, a wood sign can last for years or even decades. Outdoor signs age more quickly through exposure to rain, snow, wind, and sun, but a protective finish and periodic maintenance can extend their lifetime.

Cedar, redwood, and waterproof plywood are among the most common choices of wood for outdoor signs. Crezon plywood is a popular option because it has an extremely smooth surface, and hardwoods such as cedar and redwood are used because they contain oils that offer protection against the elements.

Acrylic paint is a popular choice for painting wood signs because it can be used on a variety of wood types, is relatively inexpensive, cleans up easily, and dries quickly. For best results, most woods require a primer before applying acrylic paint.

While this depends on your brand, storefront design, or other personal preference, 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch plywood are common choices, thick enough to remain durable but light enough to transport easily. Hardwood signs are usually thicker — 1 inch or more.

Polyurethane or silicone-based wood sealers are used to waterproof already-painted wood signs. After cleaning the sign and allowing it to dry completely, the sealer is applied with a paint sprayer for even application over the sign’s surface. Varnish and lacquer are alternative options for waterproofing painted wood.