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ADA Bathroom Signs Made in Toronto, ON

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In 2005, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act was brought into effect. This act is designed to ensure that anyone with a disability can easily find their way around even unfamiliar areas.

As a responsible business owner, it is up to you to comply with the act and provide AODA signs both inside and outside your business premises.

There are many benefits to your company and to your customers if you display high-quality, custom AODA signs.

What are AODA signs?

AODA signs are created with the purpose of allowing anyone with a disability to find their way around a building safely. They can also receive important information from these signs. This can make them feel welcome and confident in using your building.

Just as you should provide clear directional signs and other signage to guide other customers around your building, that’s what you need to do with AODA signs for people with disabilities.

Types of AODA signs:

1) Braille signs

Braille is a full system that allows visually impaired people to read by touch.

2) Clear and raised signs

Signs with easy-to-read lettering that are raised above the surface of the sign can also allow people with a visual impairment to navigate.

3) Icons and graphics

Signs with icons and graphics can quickly show the purpose of a room or directions. You can use universal symbols for your cloakrooms and stairs to help those who can’t read standard lettering. This is also useful for anyone whose first language isn’t English.

Providing AODA signage allows more customers to use your building confidently and safely.

The Benefits of Having AODA Signs for Your Business

1) Convenient for visitors

Your business will be easier to move around for anyone with a disability. They will easily be able to find what they want, get directions, and feel independent.

2) Positive brand image

Showing that you want to be helpful to all of your customers is great for your business image. It increases trust and loyalty, and also shows your business as trustworthy and caring.

3) More customers

With the right signage, anyone can shop at your business. You’re not limiting who can walk through the doors and buy from you. People with disabilities will be more likely to use a business where they can easily get around.

4) Safety

You’re keeping your customers safe as they navigate your premises and providing the right information, including safety precautions, requirements for PPE, and information on fire exits.

Not only is this required, but again, you’re catering to more people and providing a better service.

5) Positive first impression

When people feel welcome as soon as they enter your building, that adds to the first impression they have of you. Using the right signage shows that you are responsible and that you care.

Using proper signage makes your business attractive and accessible to everyone. It’s not just a nice thing to do, but the right thing to do.

If you’re looking for AODA signs for your Toronto company, there’s no need to look any further for AODA signs near you. Toronto Custom Signs has years of experience in creating signs of every type. We have particular expertise in AODA signs and we understand the need to be accurate and pay attention to detail.

If you’d like some advice on AODA signs for your business or you’d like a quote, get in touch with us today.

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