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What is Interior Signage?

Indoor signs meet the expectations set by your outdoor signs. As your customers walk in, they will notice every aspect of your establishment, from your light fixtures to your advertising materials. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression. Make your customers feel that they made the right decision to enter your establishment with high-quality custom interior signs.

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Types of Interior signs vs. Uses of Interior Signs

Each type of interior signage has a corresponding use or unique feature. Here are some of Toronto Custom Signs’ most popular Indoor Business Signs.

Cost of Interior Signs in Toronto

The cost of these signs depends on several factors such as materials used, size, signage type, illumination type, finish, and more. Give us a call today at to get a free quote and professional consultation. Our Toronto specialist will gladly present the best options for your needs and budget.

Toronto Custom Signs Has the Best Custom Indoor Signs

Work with an interior sign maker in Toronto with decades of collective industry experience, expertise in sign making and marketing, and full commitment to providing effective solutions for their clients.

The good news is that Toronto Custom Signs has all those qualities. We are a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. From the simplest glass divider decals to intricate large format murals, we can confidently produce them in ways that meet (or even exceed) your expectations. Beyond essential sign services, we also provide project management and permitting to give you peace of mind.

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Indoor Signs FAQs

Indoor signage consists of signs, displays, and advertisements that you see inside a business. This could include decals, banners, graphics, LED signs, wall coverings, and sign boxes. Indoor and outdoor signs might look similar, but they’re usually made from different materials.

Outdoor banners are made from sturdier materials than indoor banners because they need to withstand wind, rain, and sun exposure. They can stand outside for hours without shredding or tearing. Typically, indoor banners come in a greater variety of materials as they are sheltered from the elements. 

We recommend vinyl indoor banners because they resist wear and tear, providing months of continuous use. You can easily clean and sanitize vinyl to remove dirt and allergens. Vinyl also repels water to reduce odors and mold and mildew growth.

Popular types of indoor signs include:

  • Wall murals. Cover a portion of your wall or the entire space.
  • Floor graphics. Decorate your floor or guide visitors to a specific area.
  • Safety signs. Warn people about dangerous areas.
  • Tell visitors where they’re currently located and provide directions.
  • Digital displays. Display advertisements, video previews, demonstrations, and slideshows.

Offices typically need room identification signs outside the doors. Waiting rooms need friendly, professional signs, such as motivational slogans. Order a directory if you have a large office building with multiple floors so that visitors can find their way.

The cost varies depending on the size, style, and type of signs that your building needs. We offer free quotes so you can estimate the price before starting your project. Ask us for professional advice if you’re not sure which signs you need for your building.

Floor graphics provide marketing opportunities in an otherwise unused space. You can steer your customers toward different aisles and let them know about sales and discounts. We offer vinyl floor graphics that you can easily apply and remove without damaging your tiles.

Reach out to Toronto Custom Signs so that we can build signs for your operation. We’ll discuss your branding, layout, graphics, and project needs to create signs that inform and persuade your audience. We do all the work for you so that you can focus on launching your operation.

Indoor signs made from vinyl are damage- and water-resistant. You can display indoor vinyl signs in high-traffic areas without significantly shortening their lifespans, making them popular for restaurants, lobbies, and entrances. Options include traditional vinyl signs as well as murals, films, decals, and stickers.

Contact Toronto Custom Signs to talk about ordering signs for your new building or renovation project. We craft signs according to your specifications and offer professional advice on designing clear, accessible signage. Request a free quote online to get started.