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Don’t waste another minute looking for the ‘best sign company near me’ or the ‘top-rated sign shop near me’. Because Toronto Custom Signs is here to provide exceptional sign solutions at the best prices. As a leading sign company in Toronto, we offer a complete range of services, including:
  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Project management
  • Permitting

Our Toronto signs deliver unrivaled quality. We only utilize premium grade materials and high-tech equipment during the manufacturing stage. Our signage installation involves a meticulous process to ensure that your signs are securely and seamlessly applied. If you want to learn more about how Toronto Custom Signs can help your business.

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High-Quality Custom Signs in Toronto

Custom Interior Signs for Harvest Company in Toronto, ON

Whether you own an office or a bakery, how the inside of your business looks is crucial to what kind of impression you make on visitors. The right kinds of interior commercial signs can make your business into a gorgeous branded space.

Interior Business Signs:

The primary purpose of these Toronto business signs is to promote your products and services heavily and to influence the purchase decisions of your leads. Some examples include:

  • Menu boards
  • Banners
  • Digital displays
  • Lobby signs
  • Door signs

Other types of indoor signs, such as directory signs and safety signs, improve customer experience and employee morale.

Exterior Commercial Signs:

These represent your brand to the public and make customers interested in your products and services. When designed and installed correctly, these will help:

  • Claim your location
  • Boost foot traffic
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Some of our most popular outdoor signs include:

Outdoor Signs by Toronto Sign Company, ON

Depending on the type of signage you choose, you can get your target market's attention in congested areas, even from a certain distance. If you want to enjoy round-the-clock advertising, we can help you decide on which type of illumination options work best for your storefront.

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Vinyl Signs:

These hardwearing and multi-purpose signs are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Vinyl signs are perfect for displaying high-resolution graphics
  • Maximize your available space (e.g., floors, walls, and windows)
  • Promote seasonal sales and new products
  • Attract your target audience
  • Generate positive impressions
Pizza Papi Custom Made Signs in Toronto, ON
Toronto Custom Signs uses premium grade and ultra-durable materials that maintain your vinyl signs’ quality for many years to come, so fading and scratches are a thing of the past.
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Custom Vinyl Printed Banner in Toronto, ON
Get ahead of other event participants when you invest in the right combination of tradeshow displays. From tent covers to tabletop displays, our Toronto team will help you choose the perfect set of custom signs that will assist your sales team in converting leads and closing deals.

Trade show Displays:

Your trade show booth or display isn’t just a way to let potentials know that you exist. It’s how you ensure that the time and money you invested into the show was worth it. We offer many versatile options like:

  • Banners
  • Table covers
  • Standing displays
  • Digital displays

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Spend your money wisely. Only work with one of the best-rated sign makers in Toronto, ON. Toronto Custom Signs produces a wide variety of business signs, including:

With us, you can guarantee to get what you want and need precisely. We take a collaborative approach to capture your vision and translate it to the signage. We can assure to work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your full satisfaction.

Toronto Custom Signs also pride ourselves on implementing environmentally-conscious practices whenever possible.

Whether you have a specific sign in mind or need some direction, our Toronto team is here to give professional guidance. Are you ready to experience our award-winning services? Reach out to us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customized signage is signage that is custom-designed and manufactured for each customer. These signs can be created for any situation, and can incorporate your branding, logo, slogan, or colors. Customized signage can be made from a range of materials and a variety of sizes. To learn more about customized signage, contact us.

Making a personalized sign is an easy process. First you decide why you need a sign. For instance, maybe you need a sign to announce a sale. Next you meet with a professional sign designer to discuss your sign and come up with the best design for your needs. The last step is manufacturing and installation. Your sign professional will let you know how long it will take to manufacture your sign, and then will come out to your business to install it properly.

An exterior sign is a sign that is displayed outside your building, on the building itself, or nearby in front of or to the side of your business. This includes wall signs, hanging signs, monument signs and pole signs.

Signage is all around you, sending you messages, offering directions, or entertaining you. A sign can be as simple as an address on the front of a building to a huge, highlighted sign in front of a movie theater. You can find plenty of examples of signage on our website, Toronto Custom Signs.

The purpose of signage can vary, but most signs are displayed to grab your attention, then market or advertise a product or service for a particular brand.

There are numerous kinds of signs, but they can be broken down into four general categories:

  • Identification – Identifying a brand, place, or thing
  • Directional – Giving you directions to find a location
  • Informational – Giving you helpful or interesting information
  • Regulatory – Making any laws or rules known

Yes. Toronto Custom Signs is a high-quality B2B sign designer, manufacturer, and maintenance company in Toronto with years of experience and expertise in the sign industry.

Indoor signs are signs that are installed indoors, inside a building or facility. The parameters required for indoor signs are different than outdoor signs, because indoor signs don’t have to stand up to weather and climate.

Custom signs can help a business in several ways:

  • Make your business more visible.
  • Help visitors find your office.
  • Give visitors directions to offices inside the building.
  • Highlight your branding.
  • Market or advertise your business or service.
  • Make an announcement.
  • Establish your uniqueness or expertise.
  • Add interest to your interior or exterior space.
  • Display required rules and regulations.
  • Keep staff and visitors safe.

To learn more about custom signs and what signs are best for your company, contact us.