How Important are Channel Letters for Your Business?

Café Channel Letter Signs by Toronto Custom Signs

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Exterior signs are an excellent business decision. These can boost your brand, attract target customers as well as leave a positive impression. It is important to choose the right type worthy of your investment. Among the various sign types, a channel letter sign is one that can give your business valuable returns.

Channel Letters for Toronto, ON Businesses

Custom channel letters are three-dimensional signs that are usually found on the face of your store or building. It is a great alternative to plain letter graphics. Its three-dimensional features create a depth of visibility that makes it hard to miss.

3D letter signs can be easily customized, following any shape, form, or color of your liking. Lighting options are also available to make your sign pop even at night.

An Attractive Sign Option

Business signs are an effective way to catch your customer’s attention and create a positive image. Here are reasons channel signs can be valuable for your business:

Increase Visibility

Channel signs are an attractive sign option for your business. Many businesses use this as a storefront sign. Rightfully so, as it can grab the attention of viewers even from a good distance. It is a great way to differentiate your store or office from all the neighboring competition.

LED channel letter signs also give you great visibility during the day and especially at night. The constant exposure is sure to keep your business top of mind.

Brand Awareness

Custom channel letters are the perfect way to brand your establishment. These are a great way to tell target customers who you are and what your business represents.

This type of business sign can effectively show customers where and what your business is. Also, it gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand professionally.


While a lot of businesses use channel letter signs for their storefront, these signs are equally effective in other applications. These can be used as a lobby sign, welcoming visitors into your space. Indoor stores or offices with a lot of surrounding competition make good use of channel letter signs to stand out.

Whether indoors or outdoors, LED channel letter signs definitely work to promote your business.


The increase in visibility, brand awareness, and versatility channel signs make it a worthwhile investment. These signs also last a long time with minimal maintenance. Your one-time investment can give you endless returns for years.

These 3D letters even save you money on advertising and promotional expenses. The brand exposure you get from channel signs is enough to establish you as a key player in the industry.

Making Excellent Sign Decisions in Toronto, ON

Are you a new business looking for an effective exterior sign? Or an established enterprise looking to update your signage this year? Toronto Custom Signs can help you out with a stunning channel letter sign! Our team only uses the best material with top-of-the-line technology to ensure you get high-quality signs that last years.

Talk to us today for a complimentary consultation. Let our expert sign makers help you out with a worthwhile sign investment!

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