Window Graphics – Are They Profitable For Small Businesses?

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What you’re wondering is if storefront window graphics will help you improve your bottom line? Will they encourage shoppers to enter and make a purchase? In short, are they worth installing at your store?

Having never seen your business, we certainly can’t say “Yes” (and you should run from anyone who does). What we can tell you is how window graphics have been profitable for many small businesses in busy shopping areas.

They Get People Interested in Your Business.

Shoppers are confronted with a myriad of buying options. Many stores offer the same products, vying for the same clientele. What’s the differentiating factor for shoppers? Their signage.

A North American buying habits survey found that 76% of consumers will enter a store because the business’s signage caught their eye. In other words, if your vinyl window signs hit the right chord, you can encourage more people to visit your store.

They Can Generate Sales for Your Business.

Storefront window graphics aren’t just a pretty face for your business, they can drive sales too. The same survey (mentioned above) reports that the right signage can influence purchase decisions. So much so, 68% of people said they had been persuaded by signage to make a purchase.

It’s why we regularly tell our customers, “don’t design signs that are just eye-catching, they need to be conversion-focused.”

It’s About Getting Noticed, Not Just About Making a Sale.

Does a business card directly contribute to a sale? In most instances, it does not. That said, it can help make a favorable impression of your brand and build top-of-mind recall with customers.

Window graphics have a similar effect. Creative graphics may not “make a sale” right away, however, they will make your business memorable, which increases the potential for sales later on since they lead customers deeper down the sales funnel.

Vinyl Window Signs Can Pay for Themselves.

Vinyl graphics are some of the most inexpensive custom signs you can get for your business. They’re easy to design and install, and require no regular maintenance.

That means you aren’t taking on the risk by investing in a huge cost. It also means that the signs will pay for themselves relatively quickly, making them a great value for small businesses.

What You Need to Consider Before Installing Signage.

If you expect that installing just any sign will automatically double the foot traffic you receive in your store, you may be in for a surprise. Several factors affect the impact of a sign, including:

How many people will see the sign?– If you’re located in a part of Toronto that doesn’t see a lot of shoppers, your signs will likely be less effective.

Are you using it to brand or advertise? – A lot of small business owners confuse these two. In simple terms, branding is about promoting your business as a whole, while advertising is more directed towards sales effort. A ‘branding graphic’ may not be as effective at driving instant sales compared to an ‘advertising graphic.’

Transform Your Storefront into a Giant Billboard.

At Toronto Custom Signs, we work with all types of businesses to identify and design effective and impactful signage. Book a free consultation to discuss window graphics for your Toronto business today.

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