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Business window graphics or window decals are signs that maximize a primary spot for advertisement on your store, shop, or facility. There are many uses of window graphics, such as:

However, the effectiveness of your window advertising graphics also relies on choosing the right partner that can produce top-quality signs and install them seamlessly. The good news is that Toronto Custom Signs is a leading supplier of vinyl window signs for businesses in various industries. From tiny decals to large-format wraps, our Toronto team can confidently do them all. Quit searching for ‘the best window graphics near me’ because you’re in the right place. Dial today to learn more about our sign solutions.

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Types of Window Graphics for Toronto Business

The type of decal you should invest in depends on your industry, budget, marketing goals, and business needs. For example, if you want to announce an upcoming year-end sale, we can produce retail window graphics that excite your patrons and entice potential customers to check out your items. 

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Where to Get the Best Vinyl Window Graphics in Toronto?

Toronto Custom Signs is among the best-rated business sign suppliers in the area. Over the years, we’ve gained the trust of local entrepreneurs because of our outstanding sign solutions and impeccable customer service. One of our specialties includes window graphic printing in Toronto. We utilize some of the best machines and materials available in the market to fabricate vivid, high-resolution, crisp, durable, hardwearing vinyl window stickers.

We also pride ourselves on having one of the most sought-after window signs and graphics installation methods in Toronto. Our highly skilled professionals meticulously apply your signs so that the final product is free of bubbles, ripples, scratches, rips, and other damages.

Toronto Custom Signs is also the home of some top-notch graphic artists. During the design phase, they create a layout that perfectly combines your vision, branding requirements, and other essential visual communication elements.

We also offer project management, repair, maintenance, permitting, and consultation services. With our Toronto team, you can have the peace of mind that even the smallest details are taken care of.

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Window Graphics FAQs

Window graphics can be printed or cut. Cut graphics can be made by cutting designs or shapes from solid-colored adhesive vinyl, or by printing in full color onto a window film and then cutting to the required shape on a computer.

Window decals are images, graphics, and letters (or a combination of the three) that are adhered to the surface of a glass. Vinyl window stickers, window clings, and window graphics are other names for them. Decals can be applied to the inside or outside of the window because vinyl is a durable material.

Window graphics, also known as window signs, are a versatile and cost-effective advertising solution that businesses of all sizes can use to boost sales and raise brand awareness. A window sign benefits your business by increasing foot traffic.

Clear decals, opaque decals, perforated decals, window clings, frosted decals, and lettering are the five main types of window decals.

Perforated window film is a full-color vinyl sticker that is perforated with evenly spaced holes made on the print, as the name suggests – it is a unique type of window film. Perforated vinyl is a relatively simple material. By cutting patterns of tiny holes across the entire window graphic, a significant amount of material is removed, allowing light to pass through while remaining opaque from the outside.

They are called window decals. These are stickers made of vinyl that can be applied inside or outside a window. They come in many forms from images, graphics, text, or a combination of the three.

Vinyl is typically the best material to use. However, there are numerous types and thicknesses to choose from. Cast vinyl is a thinner and more flexible option, whereas calendared vinyl is most likely the most popular. You can also choose something more distinctive, such as metallic or reflective vinyl.

Window vinyl is a type of vinyl sign that can be applied to any type of glass.

Most decals and stickers use adhesive to stay in place on any flat and nonporous surface. They are typically easy to apply and remove, but not all of them can be reused. If you are planning on using them multiple times, be sure to let your sign maker know.

Window films are waterproof in general, so the answer is yes. As with all things, there are some disclaimers to be made. While window films are waterproof, there are times when they may become compromised. Contact us today to learn more about window clings being waterproof.