Best Wall Graphics & Decals Toronto

What is a Wall Graphic?

Vinyl wall graphics are special decals installed in offices or other businesses to add a subtle hint of decoration to bare spaces. It’s common knowledge that the smallest things make the biggest difference, collectively. Investing in stunning, professionally-made wall decals reflects the same principle.

If you’re a Toronto-based entrepreneur with plenty of blank walls in your business space, investing in custom wall graphics is a fantastic way to spice up, add more character, and improve your ambiance without drastically changing your interior design.

Toronto Custom Signs is a top-rated company that provides a wide range of effective sign solutions. We are also known for offering exceptional wall graphic printing in Toronto. To learn more, dial today.

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Uses of Wall Graphics for Your Toronto Business

There are many ways in which you can effectively use business wall graphics to your advantage. Our Toronto artists will work closely with you to produce designs that complement your interiors while putting your brand’s best foot forward.

Types of Wall Graphics in Toronto

Cost of Wall Graphics in Toronto

The overall cost for your office wall graphics depends on several things, such as design details and sign dimensions. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about overspending or not fully maximizing your finances. Toronto Custom Signs offers reasonable pricing packages that suit your specific needs and expectations. Call us today to get a free quote.

Where to Get Wall Graphics Near Me?

Don’t throw away your marketing budget by working with a sign company that doesn’t have a proven track record of profitable and quantifiable signage solutions and happy customers.

Toronto Custom Signs is a leading full-service sign shop that helps businesses with their visual communication and marketing needs. Beyond our outstanding products, we also pride ourselves on having some of the best wall graphic installers in Toronto. While some vinyl wall decals are simple enough to install on your own, others need a more advanced skill level to ensure that the outcome is seamless and free of damages.

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Wall Graphics FAQs

Modern wall graphics are designed for easy, no-hassle installation. The graphics we supply at Toronto Custom Signs come with non-damaging, non-toxic, and easily removable adhesives that are applied to your interior surfaces. Placement is important, and we will help you choose the best locations to maximize the impact of your wall graphics.

The overriding value of wall graphics is putting to use blank wall space that can serve as a “cost-free billboard” inside your space. These graphics provide powerful ways to build your brand, deliver marketing messages that are seasonal or promotionally oriented, help guide customers and visitors to desired interior areas, and other custom applications.

The only real limitation to using wall graphics is your creativity. Our experienced team will show you examples and help you determine the best way to integrate these graphics into your overall signage plan. From simply reminding customers of your company logo and brand to providing detailed information in specific divisions to promoting a special, wall graphics are an extremely effective messaging tool.

In many ways, the terms of wall graphics, wall decal, and wall sticker can and are used interchangeably. Our team at Toronto Custom Graphics can show you examples of each and explain that a decal is often printed on special paper that is usable inside and outdoors. They are often transferred from that paper or medium to another surface. A wall sticker is normally a design that is printed on and cut from vinyl or paper and then affixed to the wall. As with a wall graphic, the sticker will usually have a protective layer on the back that is peeled off to reveal the adhesive for mounting on the wall.

Wall decals are usually removed from a transfer medium and applied directly to the desired surface.

Vinyl wall graphics are quite durable, can be cut into shape, produced in any color or design, and are easily placed on and removed from walls.

The top-quality vinyl used by our firm is perfectly save for almost all walls and will leave no adhesive or damage when removed.

While most wall decals are designed for easy removal, there are some decals that are intended for more permanent use. These must be removed with more care.

The uses of interior vinyl graphics can be used anywhere you desire. We have helped clients install graphics on walls, doors, divider, windows, and even mirrors in the restrooms.

Your needs will dictate the type of decal we recommend and whether or not it is removable or considered permanent.