Custom LED Signs in Toronto

What are LED Signs?

These signs are an ideal alternative to traditional neon signs. Traditional neon involves luminous gas-discharge tubes that house neon and a mixture of other gases. This produces the neon light effect that we know and love.

Today, sign experts in Toronto use LED light strips instead of gas-filled glass tubes to produce light. This mimics the effect of traditional neon. This is also a more affordable, energy-efficient way to achieve the same neon effect.

LED signs are highly customizable. These can be lit in different colors and shaped into different forms to match your brand.

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Custom LED Signs VS Neon Signs

Some people use these terms interchangeably because both products fall under the same category of lighted business signs. It’s common for people to look up ‘LED signs near me’ or ‘the best LED neon signs’ when they are actually interested in neon illuminated signs.

It’s important to know that LED signs are much different since these utilize a distinct illumination technology. Outdoor LED signs are manufactured with light-emitting diodes, which is a more modern and energy-efficient option.

Nowadays, LED light signs are the preferred choice of many Toronto business owners. Because it wonderfully creates the same effect, it is the more practical choice. If you are looking for neon signs in Toronto, LED signage is your best option.

Types of LED Signs in Toronto

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LED Signage Company in Toronto

Toronto Custom Signs is a leading supplier of corporate signs for businesses in various industries. We are known for producing some of the most memorable custom LED signage in Toronto, ON.

Because of the quality of our sign products, these can last for several years with little to no maintenance. They are specially made to withstand Toronto’s harsh weather conditions, therefore successfully boosting your brand visibility and product or service promotion all year round.

During the design phase, we carefully draft the best designs according to your desired outcome. For example, let’s say you want a decorative sign that encourages people to take pictures of and share on their social media accounts. Our talented artists can curate a witty and unique design that is cohesive with your branding strategy and that perfectly blends with your store’s interiors.

This way, your establishment can become the talk of the town, and more people will be enticed to check out your place themselves.

Whatever signage solutions you need, our Toronto team is fully equipped to provide them. Call us today to get started.

LED Signs FAQs

The development of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, including the lighting of signs. Instead of fluorescent, incandescent, or neon lighting bulbs, multiple small LED light components, or light points, are combined in many ways to provide the desired level of illumination for a variety of sign types.

You may hear the terms digital displays, electronic message boards, digital displays, or electronic leader boards instead of LED lighting. However, each of these modern signs is made possible by using unique configurations of LED lights.

There are two categories of outdoor digital signs, LCD and LED. The most popular custom signs are powered by LEDs. These allow you to a range of options for colors, shapes, and designs to show your unique logo, marketing message, or whatever you desire to help build your brand and attract customers.

LED signs utilize traditional metal, acrylic, glass, or a combination of these for their basic frame and backing. The lighting is provided by the embedded LEDs arranged in the exact manner that fits your design.

Traditional neon signs depend on neon and other gases pumped into shaped glass tubes. An electrical charge creates the luminescence of the sign. LED signs use strips of individual LED lights to provide illumination. LED lights are much sturdier than the glass and gas neon signs they are rapidly replacing. LEDs have a much wider color range than neon, are much more economical, and have unlimited design options. They also eliminate the problem of leaking neon gas and broken tubes.

Outdoor lighted signs are made from traditional sign materials with lighting added to provide night-time and even day-time visibility. Earlier lighted signs used incandescent or fluorescent bulbs behind a translucent sheet of acrylic or glass. Aside from spotlighted signs, LEDs are the most common source of lighting today. The LED lighted sign is now the preferred choice because of its many advantages.

LED signs last longer than any previous form of lighting. Depending on the quality and type of LEDs used, an LED sign will provide dependable service for years without maintenance. Of course, many factors will determine the life of each sign.

New LED signs generally cost 10-20 percent less than a comparable neon sign. However, the cost of electricity for the two signs is significantly lower for LEDs. The larger the sign, the greater the ongoing monthly savings that come from using LED lighting for your sign.

Many of our customers swear their LED signs are the best marketing investment they have made. We will help you evaluate your signage options and explain the many benefits of LED signage.